Well, this is Anant Bhatia and I am an avid Motorcycle tourer. I intend to ride in all the states of India on my motorcycle for starters. I have already ticked off 15 out of a total of 28 states from the list. I will be using this blog to log my travels which lately have been strictly solo, unlike the triplog I have started off with.

I have started off this blog with a triplog of my trip to South India which happened exactly 2 years back. I will be following this up with my longest single day ride to date (2011) and my Leh trip from last month. Here’s hoping that I will complete the all 28 states by next year. Keep wishing me luck and I will keep treating you with my firsthand experiences as I travel across India. Maybe I will take this blog international when I get the opportunity, but till then, there is a lot of India still waiting to be explored.

You can go through my trip logs here:

South India Exploration Ride Log 

My Maiden Leh Ride


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Dox

    Lets ride to the heaven! i shall be joining you, let me know your further riding plans for next year.

  2. bhatiaaa04

    From next time onwards, pakka! This time for Leh, even I didn’t know when I would be leaving :/.

  3. Kushal

    i would also like to join you yaar.. 🙂

  4. bhatiaaa04

    Who knows, someday we really will 🙂

  5. Hi Anant,
    Great project! I myself was riding for two yrs. on an Enfiled in India….
    Anyways if you’ll need something from us please feel free to contact. Our website will promote these kind of projects
    AND… I’m coming to India on June let me know if I can join too for a small part of ride
    Raviv Roimisher

  6. bhatiaaa04

    Thanks Brother 🙂

  7. Hi,

    Kindly visit kolli hills – a hidden hill station of South India

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